10 Fun Facts About Cannibalism (As illustrated by NBC Hannibal x)

I sighed, watched an episode of Hannibal, giggled at the idea that her life was worse than mine, remembered what fantastic people I was surrounded by now, and suddenly, I felt whole again.


Prom’s in two weeks. Yep. Prom. Aaannnnddd, Zachary never made my dress pattern. WELP I was going to have an awesome Get Ready With Me post so you could see me sewing and soddering, but apparently that’s not happening any time soon. I’m also out of money. *cries*


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lol i can’t wait for this foolishness

At least when black people act a telenovela fool on tv WE LOOK GOOD!!


Bunny master post


hey so I made a comic because I honestly can’t be the only person who thinks about this